Martinsburg Mennonite Church

         Brought together by our love for Jesus Christ, and our commitment to follow him...
         bound together by our love for God, and for others. Mark 12:30-31

Sunday, June 20, is the day many have been waiting for! This Sunday we plan to "reopen" incorporating a hybrid model of worship options, designed to address the safety and comfort of any who choose to worship at Martinsburg Mennonite. In our attempt to accommodate as many as possible, you can join us in any of the following ways that fit your personal comfort level.

1-Although we will not be at full capacity in the sanctuary because physical distancing is still in place, we are reopening the sanctuary for worship.
2-There will be chairs in the fellowship hall, downstairs, for those who have concerns about meeting in the sanctuary.
3-We will also keep the FM transmission going, for anyone who feels safer in their vehicles.

In all spaces, physical distancing and mask wearing is recommended, especially for those who are unvaccinated, at least until the mask order is lifted on, or before, June 28. Acknowledging there are differing opinions regarding physical distancing and mask wearing, we are asking everyone to please be sensitive to, and respectful of, those who choose to wear a mask and keep physical distance. This includes handshakes, and other forms of greeting that involve a physical element, recognizing not everyone will be comfortable with physical contact. Our goal is to create an atmosphere conducive to worship, that says, "No matter your comfort level, we are making space for you!"

Hand sanitizing stations are located in the main foyer, at each side entrance, and downstairs in the fellowship hall, for your convenience.

Since July, 2020, our Parking Lot worship has included a "Come as you are" approach and has been very casual, and that approach will continue, as we transition.

So, join us this week as we continue the series of teachings regarding the Lord's Prayer. The title for this week's teaching is, "Rescue Us, and Set Us Free." See you, Sunday!

Thank you for visiting Martinsburg Mennonite Church online! This is a great place 

to find out more about us. So take your time...look around. We think you'll discover

we are just regular folk, seeking to love God with our whole being, and love others at least as much as we love ourselves! Mark 12:29-31

Whether you are a follower of Jesus Christ, or you just want to know more about 

what it means to follow Jesus...MMC is a great place to be!  And everyone is welcome...everyone!

So, join us, and let's worship...together! 

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